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Distribution As the written record of the Institute’s Business Continuity Plan, this document is distributed to each member of the Business Continuity Management Team, including members of the Institute Support Teams.( Appendix C – Distribution List Page -33) It is also distributed to members of the Administrative Computing Steering Committee, FARM Team Coordinators, Information Systems Directors and others not primarily involved with the direct recover effort..

Part II describes the philosophy of business continuity planning at MIT generally, and the kind of analysis that produced this Plan.

III General responsibilities of the individual Institute Support Teams that together form the Business Continuity Management Team, emphasizing the function of each team and its preparation responsibilities.

IV Recovery actions for the Institute Support Teams and important checklists such as the notification list for a disaster and an inventory of resources required for the environment.

This Business Continuity Plan Template was designed to assist you in the development of your Business Continuity Plan.

This Business Continuity Plan Template was developed using the following resources.Part Contents I Information about the document itself.II Design of the Plan that this document records, including information about the overall structure of business continuity planning at MIT.These services include the support provided by Physical Plant, security provided by the Campus Police, and public information dissemination handled by the MIT News Office, among others.The Plan is predicated on the validity of the following three assumptions: It should be noted however, that the Plan will still be functional and effective even in an area-wide disaster.This dependency will continue to grow with the trend toward decentralizing information technology to individual organizations within MIT administration and throughout the campus.The increasing dependency on computers and telecommunications for operational support poses the risk that a lengthy loss of these capabilities could seriously affect the overall performance of the Institute.This Business Continuity Plan specifies the responsibilities of the Business Continuity Management Team, whose mission is to establish Institute level procedures to ensure the continuity of MIT’s business functions.In the event of a disaster affecting any of the functional areas, the Business Continuity Management Team serves as liaison between the functional area(s) affected and other Institute organizations providing major services.Even though the basic priorities for restoration of essential services to the community will normally take precedence over the recovery of an individual organization, the Institute’s Business Continuity Plan can still provide for a more expeditious restoration of our resources for supporting key functions.MIT’s Information Security Officer, with assistance from key Institute support areas, is responsible for developing the Institute’s Business Continuity Plan.


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