Beauty Lies In The Eyes Of The Beholder Essay

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Beauty Lies In The Eyes Of The Beholder Essay

Doctor Laura Germine, of Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard University in the US who led the study with Doctor Jeremy Wilmer, said: "We estimate that an individual's aesthetic preferences for faces agree about 50 per cent, and disagree about 50 per cent, with others.Sometimes you get jealous and say mean things because either you wished you looked like them or you want the things they have. You have to like yourself first for anyone else to like you. People need to look at your mind, your intelligence.Relating to ' Beauty is only skin deep" means that people only look at what"s inside that counts. Coming from a world where I get compliments a lot, saying that I am pretty I know what its like.Some people believe at love at first sight, what is all that about? You look around and think by the clothes or hairstyle this girl wears that she can either not afford them or chooses to be that way. I am not trying to be conceited but it"s just the truth. Since being pretty has got me a lot of compliments it also brings in the bad sides of things.That means they like the person just from seeing them. "This fits with the common intuition that on the one hand, fashion models can make a fortune with their good looks, while on the other hand, friends can endlessly debate about who is attractive and who is not." She said previous research on the way people respond to faces has focused primarily on universal features of attraction.However, in the new study they wanted to know more about where disagreements over facial attractiveness come from.These three factors of variation have one thing in common: they all presuppose the artistic recognition of subjectivity.Organic movement introduces into the calculus of artistic composition the subjective will and the subjective emotions of the thing represented; foreshortening the subjective visual experience of the artist; and those "eurhythmic" adjustments which alter that which is right in favor of what seems right, the subjective visual experience of a potential beholder.What someone might have labeled as ugly or appalling might not be so for someone else.The same thing that is beautiful to someone’s eyes could be ugly to another.


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