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that, beginning in fall 2019, Stanford and Princeton will no longer require applicants to submit an ACT or SAT essay score.

They join the ranks of Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth and University of San Diego in waiving the requirement this year.

Also, the wide discrepancy between Writing scaled scores and Composite scores makes it more difficult for families and admission offices alike to assess the meaning of a particular scaled score. It is not entirely clear why the Writing section’s scale scores and percentiles are so different from those of the other sections, especially because the ACT could have restructured its Writing scales.

Fortunately, there are likely to be positive changes made for future tests.

The resulting acceptance rate of 4.3 percent is the lowest in Stanford’s history, down from 4.65 percent for the Class of 2021.

Additionally, 18.3 percent of Class of 2022 admits are first-generation college students, the highest proportion in Stanford’s history.“This change makes Stanford more accessible to students who choose to apply to the university,” Miranda wrote.ACT provides this chart to illustrate this point: .For example, the top 5% of students will have scored at least a 32 on English, but will have scored approximately 27 on the Writing test.Taking the SAT essay raises the total cost of the exam by up to , whereas taking the ACT essay raises the total cost by up to .50.Of the states and individual secondary schools that total 47,450 applications, its most ever, for the the Class of 2022, and the University admitted 2,040 students.“Coursework (such as accelerated honors, AP, IB, and writing courses) will receive more scrutiny and either the required SAT or ACT will be the focus,” Miranda wrote.“And, along with faculty, [the office of admissions] will look at alternatives to promote good writing.”Applying to Stanford next year will be cheaper for students who choose not to fulfill the optional ACT/SAT portion of the application.Similarly, ACT’s lengthy discussion about standard error of measurement (SEM) focuses on a statistic used to measure the level of reliability of a particular score.It does not discuss why Writing scores are scaled lower than the scores on all the other test sections.These initial raw scores are translated into the ACT’s familiar 1-36 scale.However, the initial administrations of the revised essay have yielded scores that are not well aligned with the scales for the multiple-choice parts of the test. Writing scores are notably lower than ACT composite scores – on average, 3.2 points lower.


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