Automated Essay Scoring Applications To Educational Technology

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They fear a steep decline in instruction, discouraging messages the soulless judge will send to students, and some see a real threat to those who teach English.Teachers said students liked the "game" aspects of the automated writing environment and that seemed to increase their motivation to write quite a bit. "Students said, 'I added details and my score went up.' They figured that out." And they wanted to keep going, shooting for higher scores.Because they got immediate scores on their writing, many worked to raise their scores by correcting errors and revising their work over and over. "Many times during recess my students chose to do PEGWriting," one teacher said."Writing is very time and labor and cost intensive to score at any type of scale," Wilson said.Those who have participated in the traditional method of scoring standardized tests know that it takes a toll on the human assessor, too.In a recent study, Wilson and other collaborators showed that use of automated feedback produced some efficiencies for teachers, faster feedback for students, and moderate increases in student persistence.This time they brought a different question to their review.Researchers have established that computer models are highly predictive of how humans would have scored a given piece of writing, Wilson said, and efforts to increase that accuracy continue.However, Wilson's research is the first to look at how the software might be used in conjunction with instruction and not as a standalone scoring/feedback machine.The software uses algorithms to measure more than 500 text-level variables to yield scores and feedback regarding the following characteristics of writing quality: idea development, organization, style, word choice, sentence structure, and writing conventions such as spelling and grammar.The idea is to give teachers useful diagnostic information on each writer and give them more time to address problems and assist students with things no machine can comprehend – content, reasoning and, especially, the young writer at work.


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