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Skillful and prominent New York astrologer who, brought to trial in 1914 for "fortune telling", led to astrology being removed from the list of illegal practices in New York City due to the accuracy of her interpretations in the courtroom. His books have brought us deeper insights into the nature of the individual planetary energies and planetary cycles. Her special interests included research and asteroids.

Her classic reference text was Astrology for Everyone. Titles include Astrology, Karma & Transformation and Relationships and Life Cycles. Her articles on psychological astrology are particularly insightful, and the outstanding website associated with her work can be found at : One of the pioneers in research on the four major asteroids, Ms Donath wrote Asteroids in the Birth Chart, Asteroids in Synastry, Asteroids in the U. A., and two books which also include interpretive material for Transneptunians: Asteroids in Midpoints and Patterns of Professions. Feb.16 at 04h40 MET [1h E] in Grlitz, Germany, 51n09 x 14e59 (AS 02CP39) per Taeger Archives.

Hans Taeger built a database of German astrologers, similar in structure to this one, which is included in the website listed after his name below. Ambjornson taught Hamburg School Astrology methods at the Metaphysical Town Hall in San Francisco.

For information on numerous practicing astrologers of today, with bios written by the astrologers themselves, you might also want to visit the Directory of Professional Astrologers on the Star IQ website.: Together with Frances Sakoian, co-author of a popular trilogy of references that were first published in the early 1970s, during the transitional evolutionary phase from event-oriented into humanistic astrology: The Astrologer's Handbook, The Astrology of Human Relationships, and Predictive Astrology--Understanding Transits. Feb.08 at 08h30 Sun Time in Jersey City, New Jersey, 40n43 x 74w04 (AS 22PI06) per her book Bowl of Heaven. His books included Delineation of Mundane Events and The Uranian Astrology Handbook., Ph. Psychology: Dr Arroyo's books have played a key role in integrating psychological insights into astrological practice. Aug.26 at 21h48 CST [6h W] in Chicago, Illinois 41n51 x 87w39 (AS 24TA24) per Dr Dobyns, who began studying astrology in 1956, and received professional certification from the AFA in 1960.

Dr Landscheidt did much to bring new scientific discoveries into astrology, including research on the Galactic Center and Transpluto. Pertinent website at : Born 1860.

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His most outstanding English language work is Cosmic Cybernetics. Aug.07 at 05h49 Sun Time in London, England, 51n30 x 00w10 (AS 26LE31) per Penfield's 2001.The hour and minute are separated by the international convention "h", which normally indicates 24-hour notation.While academic degrees do not necessarily indicate expertise in astrology per se; they do, in most cases, and under normal circumstances, indicate the intellectual discipline required for sound reasoning and knowledge of how to process and convey information sensibly and responsibly. Jun.15 at 08h15 BST [1h E] in Barnsley, Yorkshire, England, 53n34 x 01w28 (AS 05LE43) per Marc Penfield's 2001.Pioneers in their fields, they have played crucial roles in the research, dissemination, and development of effective programming.As members of the Professional Advisory Board, they bring their substantial combined expertise to bear on the mission of the National Autism Center.This directory contains mini-biographies and birth data for astrologers who have made notably unique and positive contributions, published in the English language, toward the advancement of astrological understanding and/or technique, and are deemed to deserve special recognition by the Uranian Institute.All times are given in 24-hour notation, in accordance with international and scientific and technical standards -- "PM" times can be converted simply by subtracting 12 hours.Pertinent webpage and Second pertinent webpage , M. Ms George is on the faculty of Kepler College in Seattle. She became Coordinator of Astrological Studies at the Melbourne Theosophical Society in 1965, and played a leading role in founding the Federation of Australian Astrologers in 1970, and set the course for midpoint astrology to play a central role in Australian astrology. Johndro also worked with radio and electronics and developed theories of astrological physics. He questioned the validity of some traditional devices such as benefics, malefics, and rulerships, and stressed that free will combined with astrology and other factors shape each individual's destiny.He was known as the "Dean of American Astrology", and at one point worked closedly with his junior, Dane Rudhyar.She became editor of what is now called the Cosmobiology International Journal. Her text Traditional Medical Astrology fuses in her academic background in botany, and her other books include those on classical astrology topics, asteroids, and horary astrology.Other texts by Ms Kimmel include Fundamentals of Cosmobiology and Patterns of Destiny., Dr. March.10 at 18h08 MET [1h E] in Bremen, Germany, 53n05 x 08e49 (AS 18VI24) from the Taeger Archives via personal statement from Dr Landscheidt. Professor at Kepler College in Seattle.: Pioneer in studying the four major asteroids and Chiron, and author of one of the first interpretation books, Planets and Asteroids, which serves as a good interpretive text even when the asteroids are excluded.


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