Aqa English A Gcse Coursework

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It is considered to be an excellent way for students to demonstrate the skills and knowledge they have gained throughout a course and their ability to conduct independent research and write up their own project.

Completing the NEA will help a student gain valuable life and work skills and for our students it is done at home.

Non Exam Assessment or NEA has replaced what used to be known as “Coursework”.

In essence they are pretty much the same thing, in other words, research – or project-based work – that counts towards a student’s final grade.

This is the 31st March and it is not negotiable for any reason.

( Do not assume that you can work to AQA’s deadline, this will be too late.) 5, When you have submitted your NEA you must be able to answer in depth questions about your ideas, your sources and how you came to your conclusions.However, the teacher cannot tell students exactly how to do the work or specifically what corrections to make – the point of coursework is for your son or daughter to work independently.You can encourage your child to do well and you and the tutor can provide them with guidance and access to resource materials.Together with providing a quiet place to study, this will help them to achieve their best.If your child often completes work at the last minute you could discuss with them how and when they plan to do their coursework.You must not put pen to paper – you must not write the coursework.You can discuss the project with them but you must not give direct advice on what they should, or should not write and nor can the tutor.You must always be aware that the NEA is meant to show the student’s own ability to complete a project using their initiative and resources. In other words there will be a fine balance between the amount of help given and the amount of marks which have to be forfeited because of this help.You should discuss this carefully and in detail with the tutor to make sure it is fully understood.The NEA must be a student’s own original work, and they will have to sign a declaration to their examination board stating that this is the case.Tutors also have to sign the declaration to confirm that the work is the student’s own. Rules regarding submission are the same as for Coursework and are shown on the back of the enrollment form which students/guardians have to sign before starting our courses.


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