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It also tries to answer the question concerning human nature, morality and knowledge.Every dimension of life, from the composition of democratic governments to computer software, has its origin in philosophy.The literary work is the best presentation to western philosophy (Plato 125).

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It is amongst his earliest works and the oldest document of Greek philosophy.

The book illustrates how Socrates significantly founded a new mission for philosophy.

He justifies himself by suggesting that true wisdom lies in acknowledging the ignorance in most worldly affairs.

He defends his actions as a quest to spread t true wisdom.

The value attached to philosophy arises from the impact it creates in the society.

Its spotlight on problem solving and critical thinking reinforces the need for philosophy in the society.During the judicial proceedings, Socrates interrogates Meletus, the man who brought Socrates before the jury (Reeve 235). It has also taken a central position in most Platonic dialogues.The cross-examination exposes the weakness of Socrates.The prophecy originated from an oracle who revealed that Socrates was the wisest man.Socrates confirms the prophecy by claiming that his wisdom emanates from the fact that he knows nothing.This paper tries to untangle the role of philosophy in the life of human beings.The paper explores the mission of philosophy and critically discusses whether Plato is trying to develop a new mission for philosophy in his book: "The Apology." Philosophy strives to answer the questions of life with the aid of philosophical methods.The term "apology" originates from the Greek word "apologia." The word means to speak in defense of one's belief, cause or actions.It is critical to note that Socrates sticks only to defending himself for his conducts and beliefs-surely not to apologize for it (that his reputation originates from the prophecy at Delhi (Reeve 232).The technique commences by examining one's beliefs (Fagan and John 25).This takes effect by forming doubts over the beliefs in an attempt to determine their validity.


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